Terrorism Has Won

It’s been a long time since I last did an update. Been crazy with deadlines and getting Portfolio together etc. Anyway I have a load of work to get posting up. But I’ll start with my new baby.

The Truth is a newspaper of illustrated facts and figures about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Screenprint on Newsprint

We Don't have a Gung Ho Attitude to Missiles/ Explosives used in the UK & Afghanistan and Iraq
Live bullets fired per dead insurgent/ Bullets used compared to populations of countries
Owellian Logic Quote/ Compensation payouts by the MoD to Afghans
1 in 4 deaths in Afghanistan Civilian/ 169:1 ratio of civilian deaths when compared to 7/7
Friedrich Nietzche quote/ Closing statement

The recent capture and death of Osama Bin Laden is by no means a bad thing in my eyes. But the cost of blood on our hands for this one man needs to be debated. I am not saying that we are right or wrong, this piece only seeks to make people ask questions of ourselves.


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Graphic Designer studying my trade at Kingston University.

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