Universal Principles of Design [Prototype]

This is actually from before my last post. I’ve just been lazy in uploading things. This was the first time I worked with acetate, the idea is based around the faces of cars. I think it has a sort of ‘Iron Giant’ feel to it. It’s quite primitive at the moment, not sure whether to make the process more complex or to keep it simple at this point.

I think I like working with acetate because it has a medical connotation. Whenever you see it used on TV it’s an X-Ray on a lightbox or an MRI scan or something, and medical graphics are always interesting. Quite a lot of artists and designers seem to gravitate towards science/ medical/ biological imagery whether it be Damien Hirst with his fascination with death or the incredible work of Nick Veasey who takes pictures of large objects with an X-Ray. (When I say large, I mean he did a whole Jumbo Jet.. albeit in very small pieces).


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Graphic Designer studying my trade at Kingston University.

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