A Tactical Guide to Consumerism



The Tactical Guide to Consumerism is an effort to bring Men and Women the world over, closer together. Men can explain football tactics to women; Women can explain the art of shopping to men in a medium they can understand. It’s win win either way. Produced (somewhat cheaply) on Acetate and paper with the age-old staple keeping it together, these 4 booklets are maps of the checkout layout in 4 shops in Kingston. My aim was to subvert the nature of a map and of brands into football terminology.

(Also I’d like to apologise for the quality of the images, I took them on my phone. Sadly I don’t have a nice spangly DSLR to work with)

The Key (/Legend)

The key before and after acetate applied

Here as you can see I have changed the key through an added layer to reflect the different meanings of the image presented within the document. Until the second layer of acetate is read, unless you already know the brands, it would be perfectly (hopefully) understandable that the document would relate to a football club.
Just to clarify what the key is,


-Suggested Play

-Marked Area

-Built Defender; Unmovable Defender

-Stocky Defender; Last defence, difficult to get past

-Tracking Defender; Defender will keep following you once you pass.


-Directed Route

-Obstructed Area

-Building; Built obstruction preventing passage

-Socks; Last minute buys in front of counter

-Merchandise: Products to be purchased at the goal counter


These 2 images show the overview of the Primark layout.

This is probably my favourite part of this project. Talking about the brand of Primark as if it is a club (using historical facts about the company) puts an extra twist on the subject of the piece.

Marks & Spencer



I Hope you’ve enjoyed this little project I did, feel free to leave any comments or crits in the comment section below. Anything I could of done better/ worse let me know.


About alextomlinson

Graphic Designer studying my trade at Kingston University.

2 responses to “A Tactical Guide to Consumerism”

  1. Eloïse Parrack says :

    These look great Alex even though the computer ban didn’t come to fruition!

    • alextomlinson says :

      Thanks Elouise, I have done pretty well avoiding computers so far this year though! (apart from the computer based briefs) This is technically a personal project as well so I’m not counting it 😛

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